Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Look into yourself, tell me, what do you see?
Is this what you wanted? Is it how it should be?
Did you settle for second best, was it easier to gain?
Or did you strive for your dreams, even if you failed again and again?
Did you fake who you are to fit into the crowd,
or were you always yourself, always true, always proud.
Did you lie and betray to get where you are today?
or were you honest till the end, never fully led astray.
Did you listen to the taunts of those far below you?
Or did you hold your head up high, believing in the truth.
Were you selfish and greedy, thinking only of yourself?
Or did you reach out a helping hand, even when you're down, always lending help.
Did you strive to accomplish all you set out to do?
Or did you give up on yourself, thinking you are through.
Look back upon your life, did you live it undaunted?
Or did the world around you transform what it was you wanted?
Were you always true to yourself and those that matter?
Or did you take what you could, leaving others in tatters.
This world, it changes us, makes us into those we don't know,
But change is a part of life, as long as you're willing to grow.
Always know who you are, don't act like another,
be true to yourself, and never shall you falter.

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