Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have witnessed your death
I've seen it many times
Your tortured screamed
Your decryptet little mind

A father's son
With pathetic eyes that bleed
Twins in the end
Begin and let the brothers fall

( Chorus )
I will see you burning alive
And screaming for your god
I will hunt you down again for Him

God won't touch for what I've done
He cries upon my feet
A privilege pain
beneath Buried are your Dead
Await the coming of the God

Blood is raining downward
The stain reflects the sun
Conquer,divide within
Terrorize the mind
I've seen the end it's yours
Rosary in hands
Your selfish flesh it melts
Spilling from the sky

(Chorus )
I will watch you die !!

This is God's war !
God's war
This is God's war
God's war

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