Saturday, October 4, 2008

Greeat Movie ( COMEDY )

Did you guys ever heard of this film !?
Well,guess what, today I watched it !!
Weeeeee !!!
I've been waiting for this movie since April
but my study schedule makes me can't watch this movie when it is released.

This story is about a guy who is being dumped by her GF !!!
Starting the guy who is being dumped, is so sad until he could not forget his EX
His ex-GF dump him coz of another guy ( stupid GF )
Then,he went to Hawai to forget this girl
Unfortunately,he met his EX there.
There's been lot of funny stuff happen over there
then this guy met a girl,
in the same time his EX was dump by her BF ( hahah,this call KARMA )
the EX has try to get her Ex-bf again.
Thank GOD the movie end with this guy dun give a fuck with his EX and go on with the new girl
What A wonderful story.

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