Thursday, December 11, 2008


Last few days, which is Wednesday, I went to IMKL doing my license,
well before making it, I require to listen to some speech for 5 hours long !
goddam it lama giler babi !! So I thought it will be start in the 9 at the morning,
so I go over there early by 9 am I reach IMKL,
then I wait for2 hours for my name to call, it really piss me off, fuck it ! I had already complain to the workers about it, then finally I can enter the class to listen to the 5 hours speech !! wtf !!
Then what's really funny is . . .
in the class ade she-male ! hahahah XD
Damm, from the beginning I didn't notice that there is a She-male !
then when I heard someone name called Muhammad Fauzi bin Ramli ,
I was shock ! because it is a She-male ! hahah . . . wtf ! the She-male don't even look like bapuk !
but who knows she really look 100% macam girl ! blah blah blah
my class ends at 4.30 pm then go hang out at my friend house
then go home la, hehehe ^^


Areen said...

oh my, i heard about this ceramah thingy. 5 hours, thats like so lame. sure ngantuk kan?

★ALANღ♥ ³★ (= said...

yeah it is lo areen . . .
but I manage to do my holiday homework over there . . .
hahahah :)