Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well a lot of crazy things happen over the gig
I go there at 5 pm and go home at 11 pm
it's been really2 cool :)
Firstly my friend bring Alcohol over there to drink.
Then we enjoy the music,we stand in the middle of the crowd
kelompok kat tempat saya paling gempak,gila and ganas
Then the most funny things appear,
one of my friend suddenly come out with one stupid idea,
since he already a little drunk,
He pee at the alcohol bottle
Then during everyone dancing,enjoying the music
he throw it to people,it's really funny, ROFL !

After that, we enjoying our music just like most of our group do
over there is totally make me sweating,
So I take off my T-shirt, half naked in the crowd !
hahaha,best gila dooohhhh !!
Then time enjoy2 music, one group budak Sabah datang join
hahhaha,semakin giler lagi la crowd area aku
we continue enjoy our music,doing all these crazy stuff
We play spinning around,jump to other people,shake head and punching people
even saya sendiri pun kena penyepak, hahaha
then Me myself tergolek 2 kali kat sana
thank go tak kena pijak2 orang,hahaha really fun.
The last band is Bittersweet,that moment memang paling enjoy !
Aksi lebih gila2 coming out from everyone,
hahahah,this is WILD,I'm loving it !
During time enjoy2, suddenly my friend involve in a fight
Thank goodness Shit doesn't really happen
This gig is really enjoying,
I can release all my wildness,tension,anger,kira semua pun keluar,setan pun keluar
hahahahahhah XD
Best gila babi la this motherfucking stunting gig :D

Almost 11 pm the gig ends, and it's really tiring day,
coz I have been kena sepak, bergolek, kena tumbuk,kena cakar badan aku
hahahaa,well that is call indie rock gig,
Beside that, my jeans and my shoes kotor giler kena pijak2 time enjoy
hahahahha, it's okay la as long I am enjoy :)
I love Gig !


oked(cat) said...

ahaha,pdn muka!!
gle pya alan!!!

★ALANღ♥ ³★ (= said...

hahha . .
mana ada gila,itu namanya best !
uuwwwweeekkkk :P

misZ NoLaLita said...

selepas took me from pudu..
then isi perut!!

bubuto★ALANღ♥ ³★ said...

yeah refill my perut.
heheheh ^^
thank you anyway Sabrina :D