Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today i go to cinema watch movie once again,
actually I'm not planning to go out today,
but since my friend invite me,
so why not just go watch it.
I watch it at KLCC today.
This movie, I heard is a horror movie,
but it seems not that horrible and it's funny
I laugh all the way when it comes to " killing part "
it's really weird right !? haha, that's me
I guess I laugh cause the other people seems to be shocked by this movie,
and the most funny part is girls seating behind me,
shout like hell and say "bila nak habis ? takut ohh"


fara stalkerwalker said...

Ala... Tak Takut pun.. Cuma gore je sebab byk blood and stuff tu je. maknenek sab terjerit tu hr tu masa dalam hall.. Haa

★ALANღ♥ ³★ (= said...

haha . . .
bleh plak die terjerit2
biasa jew filem tuh
kelakar adew la
heeheh ^^